Women Imaging exposes new techniques

In the Women Imaging module, new concepts will be approached: Ovarian cancer, relevant for the new physiopathological concepts involved; and the increasing recognition of the diagnostic image in FIGO’s new classification.

Also, new techniques will be exposed: MRI tractography, elastography in gynecology, total body MRI and PET/CT.

“We will see the realignment of the role of the image with the clinical surgical vision in themes such as Ectopic Pregnancy, Fetal Malformations, and Ovarian Cancer with the current approach to solving current diagnostic challenges,” explains Dr. Jacob Szejnfeld (photo), coordinator of the module with Dr. Ayrton Roberto Pastore and Patricia Prando Cardia.

In a new format, the endometriosis module should bring the radiologists closer to the day-to-day concepts and difficulties in the diagnosis of endometriosis and the repercussions of this common disease that affects young women.

Prof. Andrea Rockal, indicated by RSNA, contributes intensely in the selection of subjects and choice of international teachers to value the scientific event.

“This year, we will have, as a guest and chosen by prof. Rockal, Susan M. Ascher, a professor in the Department of Radiology at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC,” he says.

The module will be presented on the four days of the event, room T. Check the complete schedule.