Program highlights: Scientific and social activities

Check out and get scheduled for the JPR 2018 highlights, which offer scientific update and integration among participants:


Opening Cocktail

May 3, 6:20 pm – 8 pm, JPR Official Restaurant, Hall A
After the activities of the event first day, an opening cocktail will be offered to all attendees. Free. Attraction: ZoomBeatles.


Lunch Meeting

Major companies in the industry will offer a scientific update with Radiology professors and professionals during lunch hours, from 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm. Activities are free, and participants receive a snack, so they do not worry about the meal at that time.


Book Launching

JPR has as a tradition to present books of vital importance for the Radiology area to the public since one of the high goals of the event is to spread and deepen the knowledge in this sector. For more information, visit the book launch lounge, Hall D, near the SPR booth.


Commented Panels

The best papers between Scientific Papers and Scientific Papers – Digital Presentation have been selected as Commented Panels and will be presented during lunch hours in the Panels Section, Hall F. On Saturday, May 5, a special session on Infectious Diseases will take place.


Interactive Sessions

They allow the audience to watch the lecturer’s presentation, vote on diagnostic options to solve the case presented and see on the big screen, in a few seconds, what the correct answer is and the percentage of correctness and errors in the room.

Voting – previously made only by equipment delivered at the door of the room – may also be done by the event app, using a tablet or smartphone.


See also the Plenary Sessions of the event and the complete scientific program!