Lunch Meeting: update also at lunch time

Major companies in the industry offer scientific update with professors and Radiology professionals during lunchtime from 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm. Activities are free and participants receive a snack in the classroom.

Check out the schedule – organizing company, room, theme and speaker – and get involved!


May 3, Thursday

Carestream, room J

Creating Value in Enterprise Imaging Platforms With Analytics & AI
Thierry Verstraete – Business Strategy Manager


May 4, Friday

Abramed, room H

Young Successful Radiologists: Choices, Future Perspectives, and Advice for the Younger
Opening: Claudia Cohn
Moderator: Conrad Cavalcanti
Research and Teaching Area: Dr. Edson Amaro Jr.
Area of ​​Innovation: Dr. Felipe Kitamura
Management Area: Dr. Emerson Gasparetto
Area of ​​Medical Associations: Dr. Ademar Oliveira Paes Jr.
Success abroad: Dr. Luciano Prevedello


Agfa, room J

Augmented Intelligence – The next frontier of Value-based Enterprise Imaging
Dr. Anjum Ahmed – Global Director Imaging Information Systems
Agfa HealthCare – Canada


Bracco, room I

Innovation and Radiology: New Technologies and Transformations in the Job Market, Are You Prepared?
Thiago Julio, MD –
Medical Manager DASA / Curator of Healthcare, Biotech and Life Science in the Cube
Rodrigo Gobbo Garcia, MD –
Interventional Radiologist / Medical Manager of the Center for Interventional Medicine at Albert Einstein HospitalModerator:
Nathalia de Oliveira Nunes – Chief Editor, Live Healthcare


Guerbet, room S

Gadolinium deposition in the brain: overview of the literature
Alexander Radbruch MD, JD – German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Department of Radiology, DKFZ, Heidelberg
Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University of Essen


May 5, Saturday

SPR Plenary Session, room LM

SPR Plenary Session – Profissionalism

Moderator: Carlos Homsi, M.D. – São Paulo, SP – Brazil

How do radiologists think? From Sherlock Holmes to Dr. House, and from Alan Turing to Watson

Speaker: Marcelo Gálvez, M.D. – Santiago, Chile

Dissatisfaction, Exhaustion and Inequality: The Three Major Challenges in Radiology

Speaker: Mauricio Castillo, M.D. – Chapel Hill, USA


Bracco, room I

Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Contrast media based on gadolinium: Past, present and future
David Enterline, MD – Associate Professor of Radiology with Tenure Chief, Division of Neuroradiology at Duke University School of Medicine
Luciano Hoffmann, MD –
Medical Coordinator of the Diagnostic Imaging Center at Imandade Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Porto Alegre, Radiologist at Clínica Radimagem and Medvia Diagnóstico