JPR News

3 de May de 2018


The Transamerica Expo Center pavilion is already extremely busy. JPR 2018 begins today, May 3, and runs through Sunday, 6. The event is once again organized […]
30 de April de 2018

Lunch Meeting: update also at lunch time

Major companies in the industry offer scientific update with professors and Radiology professionals during lunchtime from 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm. Activities are free and participants […]
27 de April de 2018

Awarded Digital Panels are indicated by medals

During JPR 2018, by visiting the Scientific Papers section, you can easily identify the digital presentations that have been awarded – they will be identified with […]
16 de April de 2018
JPR sala de aula

Pre-registrations closed; event-only enrollment

Pre-registrations for JPR 2018 were closed on April 15. Now, interested in participating must register at the event, paying the amount recommended in the registration form […]
6 de April de 2018

Program highlights: Scientific and social activities

Check out and get scheduled for the JPR 2018 highlights, which offer scientific update and integration among participants:   Opening Cocktail May 3, 6:20 pm – […]
29 de March de 2018

Schedule yourself for the Plenary Sessions

The traditional JPR Plenary Sessions are an opportunity for scientific updating and contact with professionals from the most diverse services and countries. It is also the […]
23 de March de 2018

Pre-registration ends on April 12

Entries for JPR 2018 are open to SPR members and non-members. Members are exempt from pre-registration payment. Members who are entitled to this benefit are those […]
19 de March de 2018

Scientific Papers delivery deadline: March 20

Authors of Scientific Papers approved for JPR 2018 have an extended deadline to deliver their papers: until 23:59, March 20, 2018, Tuesday. On February 9, Scientific […]
16 de March de 2018

Women Imaging exposes new techniques

In the Women Imaging module, new concepts will be approached: Ovarian cancer, relevant for the new physiopathological concepts involved; and the increasing recognition of the diagnostic […]
9 de March de 2018

Check out the highlights of Physics in Radiology

This year’s module will focus on the issues of radioisotope therapy, nuclear medicine instrumentation, advanced MRI sequences, tomography reconstruction algorithms, digital detectors, mammography, hemodynamics, and, finally, […]